Jesse Ryan Pic

Hi, my name is Jesse – it’s very nice to meet you

Here is where I keep some favorite things I’ve made.

I’m happiest when working at the intersection of technology and journalism to create content that informs and inspires. I knew I had to pursue immersive storytelling when I first tried on a headset over two years ago. I created my first interactive VR film as a VR lab fellow in January 2017. What excites me most about VR is not so much removing individuals from the real world, as it is showing them someone else’s reality.

My current work helping to produce USA Today’s first VR news show, VRtually There, energizes me because I get to create immersive films that enable individuals to engage in an on-going investigation of the world around them. Beyond USA Today, I collaborate with Stone Soup Films to produce documentaries for DC-area nonprofit organizations so that they can better communicate their stories and needs.

I can’t easily pass up opportunities that let me explore different ways to live.

I’m a fan of lists, light and tall tall trees. Since you’re here now, I’ll share the secret of how I’ve built my four-leaf clover collection: lay in the grass on eye level with the clovers and search. They hide when you only look from above.

You can also find me at the places below.

jesaryan [at] gmail [dot] com

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